How Was Black Ops 4 Received?

The Call of Duty series of games has managed to get fans from all around the world. This first-person shooting game allows you to go into various missions in various maps and storylines. Each of these installments are either better versions of former ones, or expanded versions. While the intention is always going to be that, all of these games will be received in a different way. There are times when the game is so popular, that black ops 4 hacks becomes commonplace and easy to find. With that said, how was this game received? How did fans of the whole game series react to the new version? Let’s find out below.

Prior to Release

The news of a new version of Black Ops 4 was something that was generally well-received, especially those who were looking for some form of redemption from the previous release, or in some way, a fresh take on the game. One sad thing about the launch was that no pre-campaign actually took place, but the creators of the game made it a point to deliver so much more than what has been agreed upon.

Post-Release Remarks

As the old saying goes, you really can’t please everyone. Despite the backlash early on, however, the game managed to step up in terms of how it was received by various aggregators and game reviewers. As a matter of fact, it did not score anything lower than a 7 out of 10 among these publications, and also had an 80+ score out of 100. The aggregators include Metacritic, and publications that reviewed include Game Informer, IGN, GameSpot, and EGM, where a wide array of big, bold changes were made to the series, but through it all, managed to work out for the better, thus giving players a great gaming experience overall.