Effect Of Tramadol Without Prescription

You just got this horrible menstrual cramps in the middle of a school activity and you rush to obtain school management permission to get home quick and your friend finds out the problem and tells you just before you leave the school premises that she also encounters intense monthly cramps and you doubt that she is telling the truth – no other cramp could be as bad as yours. She convinces you that you’re having her kind of cramps and it is very easy to get rid of.


You’re skeptical until she fumbles for something in her bag and brings out the harmless looking pain relieving tablets, you light up tramadol without prescription asking questions about why she has to carry it around in her bag or how often she takes it; a possible addiction does not come to your mind. So you take the pill and after a little while your pains disappear like magic. You note down the name feeling glad that you’ve just figured out the solution to your dreaded menstrual cramps until you figure out alongside that you do not feel okay when you’ve not taken it. You’re hooked.

You continue to pop your magic pill secretly until one day, right in the middle of a school activity, you are unable to breathe, you feel several other symptoms you can’t really explain and then you pass out. You are rushed to the hospital where the doctor discovers you’ve been taking tramadol and it becomes a whole new task getting you out of the mess and helping you cope through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Congratulations, you’re lucky to be alive and have got a second chance to be smarter – never take pills out of the blues without the consent or prescription of a doctor for whatever sort of pains you may be experiencing.

See your nearest pharmacy for good medical advice, proper prescriptions and alternatives to narcotic pain killers that are unsafe for you.