Equal Exchange Ethiopian Blend Coffee Review

The Equal Exchange Coffee Company has some tremendous blends, but it is their Ethiopian one, that just stirs up something in the soul that mere words cannot convey. Whenever I think of that country, I think of their beautiful women, excellent cuisine, rich history, and coffee that is truly the jewel of Africa. The Equal Exchange blend lives up to those lofty expectations and warm thoughts, as a cup of this brew, will make your mornings that much more bearable. In fact, I especially like to drink this coffee on days off, in the comfort of my home with a good book. It is that kind of coffee, although it does pack a punch.

This is a coffee that mild brew lovers might find a bit too much. Yet if you like a strong, dark coffee without milk and sugar, this might just be up your alley. If you work a lot of hours, and don’t get enough sleep, it can provide that extra energy that seems to be lacking. Its almost as if its coffee with a bit of vitamin b-12, because after having a cup of it when exhausted, can be an eye opening experience. If drank on an empty stomach, it might leave you shaking. Its that strong, but it also offers a lot of character.ticated notes appear, disappear, and then reappear during even just one cup. There aren’t many coffees that can do. If you use the best single cup coffee maker no pods for this coffee, you will certainly have one of the best tastes of coffee.

That’s right, it has hints of international flavors to it. You will get a bit of spice, some cinnamon, along with top notes of chocolate, citrus, and berries. It has a sugary sweetness to it that’s hard to find elsewhere, and its sophis that. The top notes really are the most influencial, and this is a great coffee to have with a Raisin based type of cereal. While its fine in the morning or afternoon, if you do want to sleep, I’d keep it away after dinner time.

You aren’t going to get any Equal Exchange coffee for cheap, and the Ethiopian will run you about $9 for a 12 ounce bag. That’s more than a lot of premium coffees at expensive stores, but the quality here is beyond what anyone has, and its fair trade. Your money is going to directly help small time farmers get properly compensated, so it is also for a good cause. You can find this coffee at a variety of stores, online retailers, and through churches that have made their products popular. This may very well be the best the Equal Exchange has, and considering the majority of their coffees are exceptional, that says a lot about this particular brew.