What To Expect From Marina One Residences

You know of the luxury that the name ‘Marina One’ and “Marina One Residences’ promises. Just everything about it screams fancy, innovative and alluring, from the surroundings, to the design and structure of the entire area. This massive development is set to be done by the first half of 2017 and we’re sure that investors will probable flock the area; of course we can’t forget those who want to live a relaxing life there. If you’re looking for the specification of Marina One Residences then we might provide the information that you need.

Marina One Residences


Marina One Singapore has a project which they named Marina One Residences, which is basically one of the most luxurious condominiums in Marina bay as well as the world. Marina One Residences contain 2 towers called towers 1 and tower 4. About 1,042 residential units are spread over the two towers. The following are the units that Marina One Residences offer:

  • 1 Bedroom – about 229 1 bedroom units are offered at Marina One Residences. Each and every one would typically be 657 – 775 square feet in size.
  • 2 Bedroom – Marina One Residences offer 144 two bedroom units, the size of the units would be about 969 – 1130 square feet.
  • 2 Bedroom plus Study – 29 two bedroom plus study are available; the units typically are 1141 – 1216 square feet in size.


  • 3 Bedroom – Marina One Residences offer 86 three bedroom units all in all. Three bedroom apartments are 1507 – 1539 square feet in size.
  • 4 Bedroom – currently, Marina One only has 29 four bedroom apartments available. Of course the area would be a lot larger compared to the mentioned units: 2045 – 2250 square feet.
  • Penthouse – only 4 penthouse units are offered in Marina One Residences, the area stretches at 6491 – 8568 square feet.