Four Types Of Payday Loans

You’ve probably heard a lot about best payday loans for real money, but you may not be sure what they are. If so, this article is for you! Here I will go over the basics of payday loans, explain why they’re bad, and how much money you might need to borrow from them in order to get yourself out of an emergency situation. 

What Are Payday Loans? 

Payday loans are small short-term cash advances that are available online or through a few local lenders. best payday loans for real money are usually only good for two weeks, which makes them ideal for emergencies like car repairs, medical bills, moving expenses, or other unexpected expenses. The borrower agrees to pay back the loan with interest between one and thirty days after getting the money. 

The interest rates on these loans vary by lender and state, but most of them are around 400 percent APR (annual percentage rate). This means that if you take out $200 with a $400 APR, you will pay $800 when you repay it. That’s a pretty steep price for someone who has just had their car broken into and needs to replace the parts. It can also be pretty expensive to have to pay it off every week during the term of the loan. 

Why Do People Take Them? 

Most people think that payday loans are great because they offer quick access to cash. However, the truth is that they almost never work out in your favor. In fact, studies show that borrowers are more likely to default on their loans than any other type of consumer debt. 

One reason is that payday loans require no credit history at all. Since there is nothing that says you can’t take out a loan without having ever paid anything back before, many people have taken out payday loans in the past and never been able to make their payments. When this happens, they end up owing even more than they started out with. 

Another reason is that payday loans are often used as a temporary solution for things that could be dealt with later. Many people use them when they have lost their job or have suffered some kind of financial setback. Instead of taking time to figure things out, they take out a loan that provides them with enough money to get themselves back on their feet. Unfortunately, they end up paying a lot more than they would have paid in rent or groceries. 

How Much Money Can You Get? 

If you decide to apply for a payday loan, you’ll find that there are four basic types of products that you can purchase. These include: 

1) Instant Approval Loan –

This product allows you to receive the loan right away. You submit a form to the lender, and if approved, you will receive the funds in less than 24 hours. 

2) Short Term Loan –

With a short term loan, you agree to pay a certain amount of money each month for a set number of months. Once the loan expires, you won’t receive another one until you’ve made all of your monthly payments. 

3) Long Term Loan –

With a long term loan, you agree to pay a certain amount of money for a period longer than the previous products. Most lenders will allow you to take out as many of these loans as you want. Each one will be due in full once a year. 

4) Revolving Loan –

A revolving loan works similarly to a regular installment loan except that instead of receiving monthly payments, you receive a lump sum payment every so often. After you have received the payment, you must pay back the entire balance immediately. 

Each of these options comes with its own risks and benefits. For example, an instant approval loan is going to cost you more upfront than a standard loan, but it will save you time and trouble since you don’t have to wait for approval. On the other hand, if you lose your job while you have an outstanding loan, you could end up losing everything. 

There are also other factors that come into play when deciding whether or not to accept a particular loan. For example, if you already know that you can’t afford to pay back the loan, then you should look at the APR. The higher it is, the worse it is for you. Also, consider the terms of repayment. Some lenders will charge you interest throughout the life of the loan, whereas others will let you pay it back in installments over a period of time. 

Where Do They Come From? 

Although there are plenty of payday loan companies and lenders out there, the government doesn’t actually regulate them in any way. As such, anyone can start offering loans, and anyone can accept them. 

In fact, there is a pretty big market for payday loans because the loans are easy to obtain. Most borrowers aren’t asked any questions about their income or employment status before they are granted a loan. 

However, the problem is that the people making these loans have very little regulation. There is no requirement for financial education or disclosures, and the majority of payday loan providers operate in the United States. As such, they are subject to very few laws, and they can continue to do whatever they want without oversight or regulation. 

Payday loans are pretty popular, especially among people who are desperate for cash. They provide borrowers with access to cash quickly, but they also tend to fail quite a bit. 

There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that the borrowers simply can’t afford to pay back the loans. They end up taking out too much money in the first place, and the interest on their loans ends up being far greater than they thought it would be. 

As such, payday loans aren’t really worth the risk. I recommend looking elsewhere for help when you’re facing an urgent financial situation. These loans are rarely helpful, and they can lead to a whole host of problems down the road. 


There are four basic types of loan types in payday you can have instant approval loans to get the money instantly you can have short-term ones which you have to pay monthly or you have long-term ones which you have to pay yearly and also you have the revolving loan which gets paid in full after a lump sum payment.