Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Athens – Santorini – Mykonos Itinerary

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and if yes, where would you want to travel?  If you ask this question in a Survey, there will be countless answers that will excite you and will stack your bucket list.  But if you talk about locations, one place that everyone should visit for understanding the culture, history, tradition and lastly, the cuisine is none other than Greece.  Normally, people visit a country like Greece for a stipulated period before moving on to visit another destination.  By having a limited stay, one cannot imbibe with the vibe this place has to offer.  Hence, one should plan 3 days Athens itinerary.

How to prepare an itinerary? – If one is planning a trip which is like a short weekend or a long-term vacation, they should know the following details- 

  • Gathering information and filing documents

If one wants to plan a 3 days Athens itinerary, then they should know that it is one of the oldest cities with historical monuments and bustling hospitality.  Make sure to have adequate information from the website and brochures about the capital city.

  • Segmentation of itinerary

Categorise your visits to the Athens accordingly.  On the first day, wake up early and head out for some traditional Greek breakfast and roam around the streets and mingle with the natives rather than going to the cosmopolitan areas.

  • Dates and time

During your second day in the 3 days in Athens itinerary explore the cities and get to know more about the innovative products that are being released if you are a food enthusiast and explore the food market at local streets and dance your night out at jazz bars.


Lastly, on your third day, you can sit back and think about all the memories that you created with your family.