How Much Money Can You Make With Squidoo?

What is Squidoo? Squidoo is a publishing platform that allows you to publish articles or mini-blogs (called “lenses”) on various topics. Lenses can be edited at any time – you can edit paragraphs, add pictures and links, including polls, ask readers to sign your guestbook, and so on…

Publishing lenses on Squidoo is easy – you can get started with only a few paragraphs and publish right away. As soon as you hit the “Publish” button, your lens goes live. Squidoo encourages frequent updates to content – it keeps the article fresh and helps the lens to rate better on Google.

How do you get paid for publishing lenses on Squidoo? Working with Squidoo is a great “Make Money from Home” opportunity. After you publish a lens, it gets ranked by Squidoo. Based on the Ranking, your lens will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Tier. Squidoo displays advertising on all Lenses. Revenues from all Advertising go into one pool and then get divided between all Lenses. However, the revenues are not split up equally between all Tiers. Tier pay is different every month (it depends on how much Revenue Squidoo gets from all advertisers), but in order to make money on Squidoo, you need to have your Squidoo lenses in Tier 1 (1-2,000 rating) or Tier 2 (2,001-10,000). In November 2010, Squidoo paid $18.02 per lens in Tier 1 and $3.06 per lens in Tier 2 in Adsense and Glam Ad Revenue for just 1 month; $5.11 per lens in Tier 1 and $0.87 per lens in Tier 2 in InfoLinks revenues, and small amounts in Chitika Revenues. These monthly lens Revenues add up nicely when you have several highly ranked lenses.

But Tier Revenues are just a small portion of what Squidoo Lensmasters earn with their lenses. Squidoo allows you to add Amazon and eBay items to your modules, and you make commissions on all sales made through your lenses. You may also promote your Etsy shop or other business and paste your affiliate links in your Squidoo lenses.

There are thousands of lensmasters on Squidoo. But not everyone is getting a monthly paycheck. Squidoo Earnings are not guaranteed. And you may end up spending hours writing articles without any real compensation. But I also know quite a few lensmasters that treat Squidoo like a real job and make nice monthly salaries on Squidoo. It might have taken them a year or two to get to where they are, but they now make a steady income of $1000+ per month, working part-time. I also know of a lensmaster who managed to make as much as $500 per day in affiliate commissions, however, I have to admit, that’s an outstanding result even for someone with an extensive affiliate marketing knowledge. Just like that, learning from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review is quite similar to this and is seen as a great way of earning money online.

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