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  • 4 Blogger Outreach Tools That Make Life Easier

    Companies often struggle in getting coverage for their service and products mainly due to limited budget which is why you can click here to Buy Instagram story views for stories & video views for video at affordable prices. These companies often don’t have a marketing and PR department to handle press releases and outreach to journalists and bloggers. However, there are some startups for startups that aim to help companies to make the outreach much easier and budget-friendly.

    1. Pitchpigeon – Formerly Peterpings, it’s a news-site pinging service that delivers your pitch about your app to the world’s best-known tech blogs and tech journalists — and gives you the tools to monitor your progress. Pricing starts at $49 per pitch.

    By setting up an account, you can then let Pitchpigeon “talk directly” to iTunes App Store and Google Play to pull data and pre-fill your launch email, ready for you to tweak and send. The service also allows you to keep track of which among the Publishers on its network list have viewed your message. Tech blogs and media sites in the US, UK, and the Asia Pacific that are included in their publisher’s list are Mashable, BusinessInsider, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Wired, Gizmodo, Kotaku, VentureBeat, TheNextWeb, SGE, BusinessHackers, and 200+ publishers.

    1. PressPass.me – A new website that serves as a directory of journalists and media professionals who are active on Twitter in North America, the UK, Canada, and Ireland. Essentially it’s like a much cleaner and organized version of a Twitter list of journalists and editors and makes it easy to see track what journalists on Twitter are sharing and show you what they’re reading, how they rank compared to others, the topics they care about and who gets their attention. Free.

    The lists are categorized by Journalists, Beat (Topics), Media Outlet, and Region. Some of the top media sites included are The New York Times, CNN, Time, ESPN, TechCrunch, CBS News, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, ABC News, and several others.

    1. BuzzStream – Helps generate the buzz or word-of-mouth-marketing campaigns by identifying the blogs and influencers in a specific topic and effectively manage relationships with these influencers through link building and social media. It enables the users to do link prospecting, reporting, and tracking and even save templates that you’ve previously used. The link building plan starts at $29 / month.
    2. Inkybee – A simple and easy way to reach out to bloggers. It helps set up campaigns and lists based on keywords, research influencers, track relationships and interactions, and measure success.

    It’s perhaps the most simple and undoubtedly smarter way to manage blogger outreach. 30 days of a free trial. You may click here to start your free trial.

  • Save Money on Car Loans – Check the basics!!

    Are you one of those who are finding ways to save money on cars? There is good news, now you can upgrade your older one to a new model. There are various ways of saving money on car loans. Lenders are always competing in the market to approve more and more loans and to convince people for having a new model car.

    If you have decided to buy a new one, the next question is how you are going to pay for it. Like most of the people, if you don’t have the cash then the only option left is to borrow the money. But, before borrowing, you should consider certain guidelines that are helpful in saving money on car loans. There are different deals like thoughtful planning; comparison shopping and persistence which are considered best one in saving money on car loans.

    You may get low interest rate for sure based on your good credit rating. There are some basic principles applied on such dealings like if you have a long list of huge purchases on credit bills like payment for a new house or maintenance then, is likely to be charged with high interest rate.

    Good credit rating is often considered the best way of saving money on car loans. You should avoid late payments to keep your credit score well. The debts should also be paid on time before applying for car loans. While lending loan, they ask you to list down the financial institutions which you have accounts with and it is always good to show some savings. Thus, the credit score is going to dictate your interest rate on car loans. While applying for loan at promogreenloansvip2, all the information should be gathered through the person. Before the signup for the loan, the hidden costs should be in the notice of the person. The amount of savings should be adequate to meet with the requirements of the people.  

    Another way is to have a down-payment of a sizable amount or trade-in. Low interest rate is going to charge if fewer amounts are borrowed. To avoid the hassle, it is better to pre-approve the finance needed for the car loans.

    Standard variable rate loans are directly proportionate to official interest rate set by RBA and are lower than fixed variable rate. If official interest rate is high, so does the rate of standard variable loan. There are many factors which should be considered by the first time home buyers. The type of property you are going to buy is directly concerned with your financial resources. There are many options available to you but, the final decision always rest with the individual.

    There are many financial institutions in the market that are there for the purpose of lending. Obviously they are in the business of making profit. Credit unions, banks and other traditional lenders can be used for car financing. The final decision should be made by comparing the interest rates of these financial institutions.

    Car dealers are always delighted to arrange a car loan for you. First choose a test drive of a vehicle you want and then decide on. Select a dealer of good reputation and he is also going to tell you how to save money on the car loans.

  • Things To Consider When Buying Perfumes For Women!!!

    Gifting perfumes is one of the finest gifts that looks classic, and every time person will use perfume will remember you.  Women are highly inclined towards perfumes and fragrances, as it is a turn-on and style statement.

    People make a prevalent mistake by choosing for wrong perfume due to missing on some primary attributes. If you plan to gift your lady, girlfriend, sister, mother, or any dear one’s perfume, you must practice these things.

    Things to consider when buying perfumes!!

    Know your taste:

    perfumes are used for pleasant fragrances, but it is necessary to consider for taste. Perfumes no longer limited to taste but now used for reinforcing personality. You can be picky regarding perfumes for bossy, charismatic, mischievous, playful, and other attributes where you can rejoice your fragrance.

    Consider for ingredients:

    it is great to understand the ingredients of perfume whichever you are buying. When buying perfumes, ingredients of it would decide whether it would be pricey or cheap perfumes. High-quality perfumes can be obtained at higher prices only. Ensure that the ingredients of perfume are good to go for your preference to wear it more often.

    Where you apply perfume:

    choosing perfumes also depend upon the spot where you spray the eclatant on.  Some consider wearing perfumes on clothes so that it can stick for longer. Also, spots like wrists, neck, or trunk of the body can be impactful places, so you need to pick the perfume on that basis only.

    These are primary things to consider when buying perfumes for yourself or gifting others to enhance your simple outfits to classic and making personality more attractive.  Sticking to these points can help with the pick of optimal perfumes. We hope you find the details stated above helpful for picking the right perfume.

  • Nightmare capitulation raises questions about England’s inadequate preparation

    There was some excitement in the air as England’s first-wicket partnership reached nine yesterday. Another measly run and the opening pair would have put on double figures for the fourth time in the World Cup. Considering all this, if you are a cricket fan then you should definitely give CPL live stream a try as you get an amazing cricket experience there.

    Alas, it was not to be. With the monumental landmark staring him in the face, Ian Bell essayed a pull from outside off stump for which he was never in the proper position. It meant that England’s first-wicket partnerships in the tournament so far read, in descending order: 101, 12, 10, nine, seven, six, one, and one. This is not the stuff World Cup dreams are made on. Since the 101 was against Canada and their opening bowler was 41 years old, this can be dismissed pretty lightly.

    Compare this to Australia. This is perhaps harsh, for you might as well compare a rose to a thorn or a palace to a kennel. But it is Australia’s standards to whom all the rest must aspire. And what standards: in eight matches their first wicket has failed to pass 50 only once and twice has gone beyond 100.

    There is more where this came from England. Their second-wicket partnerships have been hardly any better. Yesterday’s was 28. It means that only once has England’s second wicket here realized more than 50. The aggregate is 231 and the average stand is 29.

    It is possible to go on. After the early damage yesterday, they lost five wickets for 10 runs in 27 balls. Andrew Flintoff took his tally in six innings to 77.

    This is all the form of nightmares. The modern sportsman in all disciplines intends to peak for a particular event. Thus, there will be track athletes all over the world whose entire training regimen is aimed at body and mind being in unison in the second half of August in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games. Given their exhibitions in the past few weeks, late August 2008 is when the England cricket team must think the World Cup is taking place. If questions must be asked of them and their fitness for purpose, they must also be posed about the manner in which they were prepared.

    The coach, Duncan Fletcher, will come under enormous pressure but so will the men he appointed, specifically the batting coach, Matthew Maynard. It is an open secret that many, if not most, coaches within English professional cricket were surprised when Maynard was recruited by England.

    He went straight to the England job after ending his county career with Glamorgan. Generally recognized as the most innately talented batsman of his generation, Maynard was unfulfilled. He made 24,799 first-class runs but only 87 were in Tests for England.

    Maynard owed his introduction to coaching solely to Fletcher, who was coach at Glamorgan when Maynard was captain. This was a big winter for England: the Champions Trophy, the Ashes, the CB Series, the World Cup. Somehow they won the CB Series, easily the smallest of all the prizes on offer.

    In the rest, their chief contribution has been to turn up.

  • Top Investments for the Future

    Over the course of my business career, and my time spent on Wall Street, I have had the opportunity to select and structure investments for many types of clients. The average investor is likely rattled by the last year and a half – stock market volatility reached an all-time high, the bond market suffered, and real estate tanked. The average Joe investor, however, can rest assured that there still are quality investments out there. Read below for the top investments for the future. Please note that these are my personal opinions as to what the top investments for the future are; before investing ensure you do your own homework!

    Top Investments for the Future #1: Healthcare Stocks

    It is no secret that the average U.S. population is getting older. It is also no secret that, on average, older people require more healthcare. As such, the demand for healthcare services is likely to skyrocket over the next couple of decades. Increased demand for medical services will be a boon for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. The best of these companies will translate solid top-line growth into steady returns for the buy-and-hold investor.

    Top Investments for the Future #2: Cruise line stocks

    In additional to regular healthcare, an older population means more people of retirement age. Those in retirement tend to vacation more, and a regular destination for older travelers is cruise ships. Increased demand for cruise services has led to a myriad of new ships gracing the seas. New ships, increased passenger load, and a population more willing to take a cruise translates into a solid growth industry. Well managed cruise line companies are poised to provide solid returns over the next several years to long-term investors.

    Top Investments for the Future #3: Real Estate

    In the last couple of years, the real estate market has taken a beating. The collapse of the real estate bubble has shattered perceptions that the value of real estate can only go one direction: up. Homeowners around the world have learned the opposite can be true, and that real estate is a risky investment. One benefit of the collapse of the real estate market is that in many areas prices are at a rock bottom low. If you are willing to take a risk, invest in a market where you believe prices have stabilized and reached bottom… the potential returns from appreciation from current levels are astronomical. Hence, wohnung kaufen koln is one of the best ways to grow your money. Generally, investing in real estate properties is proven to deliver great returns in your investment. 

    Top Investments for the Future #4: U.S. Treasury Bonds

    Okay, okay; treasury bonds are not the most exciting of investments. Historically, though, U.S. Treasuries have ranked as the safest investments on the planet. The United States is still a land of vast natural resources – these natural resources translate into a self-sustaining economy set to grow. To balance some of the riskier investments in your portfolio, invest in U.S. Treasury bonds. The rate of return is low, but the safety of the investment is unparalleled. If you are concerned about inflation, consider investing in TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities).

    For the typical investor, I still advocate a buy-and-hold strategy. Increased volatility in the markets have made short-term profits more accessible, however, the buy-and-hold method remains a proven way to lock in long-term returns. Do your research, invest in some of the top investments for the future and smile as your returns grow.

  • How Small Business Can Help As A Marketing Tool?

    If you want to promote any kind of brand of yours then the very first thing you need to keep in mind is the small businesses. You can promote any kind of brand without any issue at all. It is cheap as compared to the other services out there in the market. You can also check out firmameened on which you will get to know more about the promotion and how does it works. If you are the one who does not want to spend a whole lot of money on the promotion then there will be nothing better than this.

    Here are some of the advantages you should know about

    If we talk about advantages then there are plenty of them among which you should only need to know about the one which is essential to you. The advantages are as follows-

    1. Helps in brand recognition- It will definitely be going to help in promoting the brand which means you can easily get to be famous among the people. In short it would help in spreading brand awareness so that you can easily without any extra efforts.
    2. Promotional gifts- The concept of promotional gift can be used which will be going to help you in stay connected with the customer. They will be going to feel a whole lot special in terms of personal contacts. The gift will be going to leave a very positive impact in the eyes of the people.

    Referral business

     There is no need to spend money every month as you can get the potential of clients easily. All you need to do is promote the product which can be used as daily items. If you are new then make sure to contact with the clients personally.

  • An Overview to Writing Keyword Articles

    If you’re interested in making money writing articles online then you should definitely check out Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 by James Scholes, or if you just want to use online articles to promote your own website, blog, or other internet presence then you should have at least an overview of writing keyword articles. Keyword articles serve to drive traffic to your website in order to help promote a product or an idea, or just to get new visitors and new readers onto your website. Keyword articles can also help you to make money if you are submitting them to content websites. However, if you are going to effectively use these keyword articles you need to have an overview of writing keyword articles.

    One of the important components of writing keyword articles is choosing the right keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that pertain to the topic of your article that people surfing the internet are likely to search for. By choosing the right keyword articles you are able to get more people interested in viewing your web page. When they type in certain keywords into a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN Search they are more likely to find your page if you have keyword articles.

    So, when it comes to actually choose keyword articles, you want to choose keyword articles that relate to your topic. You also want to choose keyword articles that are frequently searched. If you are setting out to make money, you will want to choose keywords for your articles that have high paying advertising placements.

    There are a number of places that you can find search information for writing your keyword articles. You can, for example, check out the keyword tool at Google’s website. You can also check out a site like Word Tracker, which will actually help suggest keywords for your keyword articles.

    In the process of writing your keyword articles, you want to make sure that you follow the principals of search engine optimization, also known as SEO for short. Search engine optimization allows you to place the keywords in such a frequency and in such an order that your articles will be much more likely to be seen by the search engines.

    Search engine optimization isn’t the only important part of writing keyword articles, however. You need to write articles that are interesting and that are well written. Otherwise, people that read your articles won’t trust your website and won’t be likely to buy the product that you are recommending or hire you for the service that you are promoting or to click on the ads that you’ve put in with your keyword articles. If you are writing keyword articles for an article website, people will be much less likely to click on those advertisements, thereby helping you to earn money with your keyword articles.

    In the end, writing keyword articles is as much an art as it is a science. Understanding the frequency and placement of keywords, as well as mastering the language and developing a quality writing style are the key components to keyword articles.

  • How To Make Money Selling Scrap Metal, Jewelry, And Other Items Online

    Everyone wants to make some fast money, but is it really possible? I’m a college student that has spent many hours reading pretty much every article online about how I can make some money, and they all say the same things. However I don’t think any of these authors even attempted half of the schemes they suggest. Let’s be realistic, who wants to sell their hair or know how to design a website from scratch, not many people. I’m here to talk about what I personally did to make money and the actual results of my efforts.

    Selling Your Old Jewelry

    Alright I’m sure everyone knows this already from friends and ads posted everywhere, but gold and silver prices are at an all-time high. There’s a lot of money in your old broken jewelry; however there’s a trick to getting the most for your jewelry. First off do not send your jewelry to any of the ads you see on television, one example is “cash for gold”. Yes they do buy gold and silver but they pay next to nothing, and already have several law suits pending from unhappy customers. Some courses are provided to the online learners to gather information about old jewelry. The purchase of the jewelry will deliver to the increased benefits at the site. Proper information is obtained through reputed online courses from https://www.evergreenwealthformula.com/new/ site. The prices of gold and silver are under the budget of the learners.

    If you need the money fast then I would suggest going to several local jewelry stores and see who offers you the most, you can walk in with gold and silver, and walk out within a matter of minutes with cash in hand. However if you’re like me and don’t need fast cash, but are trying to get the most for your items and don’t mind waiting a little I suggest sending it out to a refiner. These are not the same as the companies your see on TV, these are actually companies that take the gold and refine it to pure gold themselves. They pay the highest for your jewelry, and most often then not are where your local jewelry shops are sending the gold and silver they purchase, so you’re cutting out the middle man.

    There are several places to send your gold and silver, but the two companies I’ve found that have gotten good reviews all around, are “Midwest refineries” and “ARA Gold”. I personally use “ARA Gold” and never had a problem with them, I actually recently send in some broken chains and earrings, and received a check in the mail for over seven hundred dollars.

    Selling things Online

    You can always sell stuff online, whether it’s something you know how to make or some old things you have sitting around the house. Everyone knows that you can sell things on eBay, so I’m not going to go into detail about that. I have tried selling things there and you can make money. The trick is finding what consumers want. So many people sell on eBay you really need to have a unique or highly desired product.

    Another way of selling is using online is using online forums. I had a lot of success with this, I found that it was actually easier selling on forums then selling on eBay, plus you didn’t have all the eBay fees. The trick is to know what forums to sell them on. I used to sell old coins online for example. I would go to coin shows and buy some coins for $50 let’s say then I would sell them online for $75 each, I wasn’t getting rich but I was making some good money on the side. Believe it or not, the coins would not sell as fast on coin forums, so I looked around and found a metal detecting forum, and naturally most people that metal detect collect old coins as well, and that’s where I sold most of my coins. Moral of the story is to look around because the most obvious forum might not necessarily be the best one.


    Recycling or also more commonly known as collecting scrap metal can be very profitable. This is my main source of income outside of my actual job. The stereotypical homeless person collecting aluminum cans actually has the right idea. Although aluminum cans aren’t worth so much in aluminum value, a little more than a cent each, their very easy to collect. Whenever we drink soda in my household I crush the cans and throw them in a garbage can. Then once it’s full I turn them in and usually get around $20, it may not sound like much but its better then throwing them out.

    The easiest way of collecting metal is to drive around on “big garbage night” when the town allows you to throw out larger items than usual. You’ll see a lot of garbage like couches and old beds, but there will also be a lot of metal including; washers, dryers, lawn movers, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, car batteries, etc. Most of these items are made of iron which is the cheapest of them metals, only a few cents per pound, however there’s tons of it out there and it adds up very quickly. Another way to find metal is to put an ad up on craigslist advertising “free scrap metal pick up” and you will usually get several calls.

    The best metal you’re going to find is usually copper, which brings in a pretty penny along with brass. Copper and brass are most commonly found in plumbing fittings and pipes, so if you see any sinks along the road be sure to check for any faucets or piping. If you see any wire on the side of the road be sure to grab it, because it’s most likely copper.

    Two years ago my friend and I were really into scraping and we worked pretty hard at it during the summer. We averaged $500 per week collecting the scrap. As you can see scraping does have potential, if you work hard enough at it.

  • Log Splitter- Electrical Material for Better Use

    There is no individual in existence that can claim to be the most knowledgeable in the world as people keep learning new things during different parts of life but they are either bluffing or off their rocker, without realizing either of the two problems of course.

    But while some people follow this advice sincerely, others fail to do so and end up biting off more than they can chew so let us now begin the article with a topic that very few people would have heard of but it is definitely an eye opener of sorts that would help certain people in taking it up as a part time career after retirement.

    Log splinters are quite an interesting topic to work out where there are many things that can be learnt from it for learning newer aspects of wedges, saws, woodcutting profession and so on.


    Log splitter is a part of machinery that is used for splitting firewood, hardwood and softwood logs that have already been cut into smaller pieces through the electric chainsaw so that the wood shavings can be preserved and utilized for various purposes.

    Log splitters provide a safe prospect for wood merchants as electric models are the norm that are used in current times that have single and double action models because they are considered the most powerful and efficient log splitters in existence.

    Boss Industrial 6793 is the number 1 model of log splitters as it has a strong electric motor of 4 electric tones of force that can easily cut through large blocks of wood with a single force and that too without damaging the engine shields that are delicate in nature.

    This is the reason why electric splitters are the best choice for wood carpentry that has the capacity of changing this profession into a lucrative business in the long run that has already met with great success.

  • Review of Top 10 Self-Help Books

    1. Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer (Hay House, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-4019-1750-0) delves deeper into Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu with his own unique slant and interpretation. Dr. Dyer works it in seamlessly with his own philosophies since they’re so similar. It’s a detailed book that explains how to live peacefully by developing empathy, purging harmful cravings/attachments, letting go of judgments, overcoming fears and living as an enlightened leader. It’s a deep read that could really change your life, and Dr. Wayne Dyer breaks the Tao down so it’s simple to understand and apply.

    1. Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe

    If you’re an introvert who’s sick of people assuming you want to become an extrovert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Introvert Power. Laurie Helgoe focuses on the benefits and encourages introverts to embrace their solitude. She gives excellent advice to introverts on how to handle situations and misconceptions from other, often well meaning extroverts. Laurie Helgoe also examines damaging stereotypes and shares strategies on coping with crowds. Introvert Power (Laurie Helgoe, PhD, Sourcebooks, 2008, ISBN: 9781402211171) is an educational and entertaining book that celebrates our differences. For the use of 75 hard, the reviews and ranking should be checked through the patients. The availability of the best solution is there to meet with the expectations. An educational and entertaining program is provided to the patient to fet effective results. 

    1. The Power of Adversity by Al Weatherhead

    I had the privilege of interviewing the author of The Power of Adversity, Al Weatherhead. He’s an amazing and inspiring man who’s like a ray of sunshine with an indomitable spirit. He overcame alcoholism, heart disease and financial problems and his book focuses on teaching others how to tackle their problems. Going through hard times may give you character, but that fact is more satisfying once you bounce back. If you’re interested in growing spiritually, mentally or physically, The Power of Adversity (Al Weatherhead with Fred Feldman, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-57174-562-0) is an excellent and inspiring self-help book.

    1. The Good Person Guidebook by Dr. Richard Bayer

    The Good Person Guidebook by Dr. Richard Bayer explores the importance of virtues like courage, justice, prudence and temperance. He also explains how to use good ethics at home or work while balancing cooperation with competition. Dr. Richard Bayer is the official spokesperson and Chief Operating Officer of The Five O’Clock Club. This is an action based book that includes simple step-by-step plans that will help you achieve your long-term goals, while respecting other people’s dignity.

    1. Moving Forward by Dave Pelzer

    Dave Pelzer, self-help expert and author of Moving Forward (June 2008, Center Street) bravely shares his personal story about how he endured horrendous abuse. He does this in order to help empower others and encourage them to prevail, regardless of what bad things happened in the past. He advises and teaches others how to let go of the past, rather than dwelling on it long term.

    1. Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by Dr. John Izzo

    Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by Dr. John Izzo, 2007 is based on his popular PBS television series. He interviewed over 200 people to discover what matters most to them and gave them happiness. It’s never too late to live a meaningful life and this book has advice on how to do that for anyone at any age.

    1. Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years: 12 Sessions to Combat Your Crisis by Dr. Ellyn Gamberg

    Dr. Ellyn Gamberg wrote occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years. She’s a psychotherapist with over twenty years experience and focuses on the present with her short-term therapy that offers long-term results. Emotional, physical and cognitive changes can be frustrating, but they happen to everyone eventually. If you’re interested in some light therapy that offers sensible solutions on how to deal with midlife problems privately, Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years will be a helpful book.

    1. Freeing Your Child From Negative Thinking by Tamar E. Chansky

    Freeing Your Child From Negative Thinking by Tamar E. Chansky, Ph.D. (Da Capo Press, 2008, SBN# 9780738211855), offers parents practical solutions for empowering their children with positive ways of thinking. She helps with ways to identify your child’s strengths and teaches solutions for negative thinking. This is a beneficial and detailed book that gives parents support for stressed children of any age.

    1. Addicted to Stress: A Woman’s Seven Step Program

    Addicted to Stress: A Woman’s Seven Step Program by Debbie Mandel, discusses practical solutions for curing stress addiction and improving mental and emotional health. There is helpful advice included on changing negative thoughts and improving physical and emotional health. It’s a fun and enlightening book on stress that will help you get to know yourself better. Its focus is on women, but there are several good tips for tackling stress addiction that could apply to everyone.

    1. Count Your Blessings by Dr. John F. Demartiti

    Count Your Blessings by Dr. John F. Demartiti (Element Books, 1997-2007, ISBN 10: 1-4019-1074-2) is a brilliant book that will help you face your fears, become more grateful and improve your relationships. He shares other people’s personal stories along with his principles to reinforce how others became healed emotionally and physically. “There is no crisis without a blessing; there is no turmoil without a gift”, says Dr. John F. Demartini.

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