Have You Taken The Thousand Islands Bus Tour Yet?

Have you been planning a trip to the Niagara Falls lately? If yes, then it’s time you took the thousand islands bus tour with chicago motor coach. We know how busy life is, and planning a trip gets chaotic and difficult when you have a limited budget and a short time to plan it. Why go on a trip with no plans in mind when we’ve got it all sorted out for you.

There are a number of tour companies that offer you a great packaged deal to help you visit some of the best places America has to offer neatly packed up into a 2 day trip.

The trip starts off from NYC and heads straight to thousand islands which is a small bunch of islands situated near the lake Ontario. This tour includes a sail along the lake on a boat cruise. The thousand islands once one a hideout spots for pirates and a number of ships were robbed here in the early days. There are beautiful castles that you can check out on this location. If you love the waters then this tour is an absolute must do for you. The locations covered here are amazing and you’ll discover a whole new world once you get on the bus.

Niagara Falls is the next place this bus halts at. An early morning ride to this destination feels like heaven and once here, you can check out a number of places that surround the falls. A must do here is the boat ride called the maid of mist. This is a seasonal ride, so plan your vacation accordingly.

The maid of mist – Plan your trip to the Niagara Falls when you can take the ride on the Maid of Mist and get a chance to witness some of the most breath taking views you can imagine.