The Dogecoin Foundation

Even if it didn’t seem to be a serious venture, after half a decade running, Dogecoin has managed to establish itself as a legit cryptocurrency platform, and one which just as legit as other platforms, like litecoin, and the pioneering bitcoin. It’s so popular, that a lot of people wish to know how to sell dogecoin for usd and earn money through investing in it the way that they do with bitcoin. One of the things that make Dogecoin stand out is the fact that with your investment in the platform, you are welcomed to a community that’s willing to help those who may ask. Dogecoin comes with a charity, the Dogecoin foundation, that has managed to help fund a lot of ventures already, for the betterment of the community. With that said, what is the foundation all about?

The Basics

The Dogecoin Foundation, which is created by the Dogecoin community itself is one that contributes to promotional, goodwill, and charitable activities through the said currency. The venture enables you to “spread the love” through providing of support through funding of projects.

Funding Causes

The reason why they fund all these causes is for a simple one: they only want to help. They make a lot of effort to be able to help people, regardless of where they come from. So far, they have managed to support auto racers, as well as an entire team of sports players who did not have sufficient funds to send themselves to the Sochi Olympics. As they are proud to claim, it’s their nature to help.

Charity for Promotions

Dogecoin also uses these activities to promote their platform and allow people to get to know about the community even more. The more people that gets to know about the community, the larger it gets, and hopefully, the more people they can help.