Tips For Buying Online Prescription Sunglasses

Are you planning to buy prescription sunglasses online? Now, that’s a smart choice no doubt as the online purchase is always less expensive than getting the glasses from a physical land-based store, even for branded shades like แว่นกันแดด oakley. But is it your first time? Well, then you must be looking for an expert guide for a seamless purchase. The good thing is, the post below offers a brief on the tips to remember while buying prescription glasses online.

Know the right frame

You should choose your frame as per your face cut. Here is a guide:

  • Round face- Angular and rectangular frames
  • Oval face- Well, you are lucky, any style will suit you
  • Square- Circular, oval and aviator
  • Heart-shape face- circular, geometric shape
  • Oblong- Deep rectangular, round
  • Triangle- cat-eye, round, geometric

Reputed online retailer

Now, you will have to look for a reputed online retailer that sells prescription sunglasses. Your chosen one should be an experienced one who has been in the business for years. Make sure the website houses a huge collection of shades from top-notch brands to ensure a quality purchase.

Use filter

After you choose your online retailer, you will have to go to the website and place your order. Before you place the order, use the filter tool. You will be able to select a frame as per your budget and preferred frame shape and type. Then, select your prescription type- single vision or free form or bifocal or progressive.

Check the details thoroughly

Once you select your frame, check all its details properly. Go for an online retailer that allows virtual trial of frames.

Enter prescription and place order

After you are confident about your chosen frame, you can enter the prescription. Type the PD (pupillary distance) and place your order. You can choose a pre-paid option or cash-on-delivery facility.