Top 5 Features of the Amazing WhatsApp Plus

Do you know about the new WhatsApp Plus? It is an app that is equipped with more features than the original WhatsApp. You can download it from here In case you are wondering what this app is about, have a look at some of the interesting features:

  1. More than 700 new themes Whatsapp-nokia-x

The current version of WhatsApp has only entertained people with wallpapers but, WhatsApp Plus comes with over 700 themes to pick from. In addition to that, all of these themes have the feature to be modified in many ways, which means you can change fonts and colors as

  1. Emoticons

These days, you will notice that people prefer to use emoticons more than they wish to speak. Well, that may seem awkward but it’s actually fun. To cater this demand, the developers of WhatsApp Plus offer users with thousands of different emoticons.

  1. Improved Privacy

In the current version of WhatsApp, you can hide your ‘last seen’ but, you cannot hide your online status. The new WhatsApp Plus comes with a feature of hiding your online status. Isn’t it great that you can hide your availability?

  1. Give it a unique look

With WhatsApp Plus, you can change the appearance settings. The original WhatsApp version does not provide this feature.

  1. Massive File Sharing

Massive File Sharing is considered to be one of the best features of WhatsApp Plus. You can share large files (they can be more than 50MB). The current version of WhatsApp does not provide this much flexibility to its users.

Many people wonder if WhatsApp Plus is safe to use. Yes, it is totally safe to use but it is recommended that you don’t use both WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp at the same time as it may appear to be a suspicious activity.