Top Investments for the Future

Over the course of my business career, and my time spent on Wall Street, I have had the opportunity to select and structure investments for many types of clients. The average investor is likely rattled by the last year and a half – stock market volatility reached an all-time high, the bond market suffered, and real estate tanked. The average Joe investor, however, can rest assured that there still are quality investments out there. Read below for the top investments for the future. Please note that these are my personal opinions as to what the top investments for the future are; before investing ensure you do your own homework!

Top Investments for the Future #1: Healthcare Stocks

It is no secret that the average U.S. population is getting older. It is also no secret that, on average, older people require more healthcare. As such, the demand for healthcare services is likely to skyrocket over the next couple of decades. Increased demand for medical services will be a boon for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. The best of these companies will translate solid top-line growth into steady returns for the buy-and-hold investor.

Top Investments for the Future #2: Cruise line stocks

In additional to regular healthcare, an older population means more people of retirement age. Those in retirement tend to vacation more, and a regular destination for older travelers is cruise ships. Increased demand for cruise services has led to a myriad of new ships gracing the seas. New ships, increased passenger load, and a population more willing to take a cruise translates into a solid growth industry. Well managed cruise line companies are poised to provide solid returns over the next several years to long-term investors.

Top Investments for the Future #3: Real Estate

In the last couple of years, the real estate market has taken a beating. The collapse of the real estate bubble has shattered perceptions that the value of real estate can only go one direction: up. Homeowners around the world have learned the opposite can be true, and that real estate is a risky investment. One benefit of the collapse of the real estate market is that in many areas prices are at a rock bottom low. If you are willing to take a risk, invest in a market where you believe prices have stabilized and reached bottom… the potential returns from appreciation from current levels are astronomical. Hence, wohnung kaufen koln is one of the best ways to grow your money. Generally, investing in real estate properties is proven to deliver great returns in your investment. 

Top Investments for the Future #4: U.S. Treasury Bonds

Okay, okay; treasury bonds are not the most exciting of investments. Historically, though, U.S. Treasuries have ranked as the safest investments on the planet. The United States is still a land of vast natural resources – these natural resources translate into a self-sustaining economy set to grow. To balance some of the riskier investments in your portfolio, invest in U.S. Treasury bonds. The rate of return is low, but the safety of the investment is unparalleled. If you are concerned about inflation, consider investing in TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities).

For the typical investor, I still advocate a buy-and-hold strategy. Increased volatility in the markets have made short-term profits more accessible, however, the buy-and-hold method remains a proven way to lock in long-term returns. Do your research, invest in some of the top investments for the future and smile as your returns grow.