Training Dogs To Go To Specific Place – Know About The Training!!

Having a dog training place to go and sit in is a great way to teach self-control. It also prevents unpleasant behaviors when you receive your friends at home or when you reorient when your dog is pleading at the dining table. Your “thing should be fun for you and your dog too and the best way is to use this as a toy with the same behaviors and energy that you use to play.

For the training of f1b goldendoodle breed, you should select the right and specific place. The handling of the breed activities is with the intelligence of the trainers. The activities will boost the energy level of the dogs and the performance of the fun activities is the best one.

Here are some things to remember:

1- Your dog’s carpet is a purely positive place, and you should practice it first as a game and then you can add modifications such as clicking on the door or running to the carpet to get the delicious food that he loves.

2 – You must start with one carpet and then you must move the carpet site to prove the behavior of the dog in several different places and things.

For the purpose of learning, pick up the carpet when you are not training your dog.

4 – The carpet can be used as a training target for enthusiastic and nervous dogs and also for shy dogs to help you when people come home or to make your dog not begging under the table while you eat.

Training with dog carpet:

  • The first step :

Before you put the carpet down you must prepare a handful of tasty rewards for your dog to be ready with you or his favorite toy, before you put the carpet must get the attention of the dog and then you can move and move the carpet to the ground.

Immediately toss the reward for the dog to be addressed on the carpet It is very useful to know that the dog reward for his good behavior and attention to him and must be all this with great enthusiasm to attract the dog away and follow him and get his attention and tell him ready? Ie to go to the carpet and start to lure her until the dog starts to know and connects that he must walk to his carpet any time you ask him to.

  • The second step :

After your dog becomes aware of the idea of ​​the carpet, you should let your dog choose to go to the carpet without walking with him there every time. This means teaching him to walk a foot away from the carpet and then 3 feet and then 5 feet to the carpet alone. Once your dog reaches the carpet on his own, you should reward him verbally first and reward him with something he also loves by throwing him on the carpet. If you like his behavior at the time can wait to be rewarded until you find the behavior Almtou P for you, then move the carpet several feet away and continue to repeat this process from the beginning in order to encourage the dog to target the carpet everywhere and not just in one area of ​​the house.

  • The third step :

Once your dog understands verbal actions or the reference to “go to your carpet,” start building and establishing speed and distance as you use words like go to the carpet, you should always make your dog feel excited by using the same words you use while playing like “ready Then, you can use your reward for him, and after repeating it several times, you can start adding the principle that you will release him, so he can move before he gets his reward from you, so he learns. To go to the carpet easily.

The fourth step :

With your dog, rely on using the carpet with confidence, and you can make it more difficult over time by having him wait longer and longer before you give him a reward.

It is preferable to work slowly so as to increase the length of time the dog keeps its own carpet, when the dog is sitting confidently on the carpet here begin using the command “Wait on the carpet” in the end you can shorten the matter instead of going to the carpet or wait on the carpet “Carpet” will give your dog a consistent stereotypical behavior in everything that is not just about it.

Noticeable :

When people come to your house and you use your dog’s carpet, don’t let anyone come close to the carpet. You are the owner and you can release him. You can say, “Okay, say hello.” If your dog is worried about new people on the house, you can make them use the reward method with him on his carpet, and you can practice, for example, knocking on the door or rang the doorbell to ask your dog to go to the carpet and settle on them.