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  • The 5 Strangest Airports in the World

    By Christy Faith – For most of the world’s 2.5 billion annual air travellers, airports are necessary evils. They’re the places we’re hassled by TSA officers, confused by ill-thought layouts, and bored by lengthy waits. But an airport visit needn’t drag if you visit one of these unusual terminals!

    Travelers take their life into their own hands when they land at Portugal’s Madeira Airport. Its island location, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and volcanic mountains on the other, is difficult for even experienced pilots to navigate. Its original runway measured less than mile, so it’s unsurprising that 131 people were killed in a horrific plane crash in 1977.

    Thankfully things have approved since then. The length of Madeira Airport’s runway doubled in 2000 with extensions stretching out into the sea. Of course, landing on bridge held up with pylons is still pretty scary, leading the History Channel to call it the second most dangerous airport in Europe. No wonder there are often cheap airfare to this travel hub! The services are available for all the day for the benefits of Leiebilnord. The cheap rates are available for the benefit of the customers. The danger of the traveling with airplanes is reduced with the services. The decision is taken with intelligence and skills. Complete information should be available about the traveling hub. 

    The honor of the most dangerous airport in Europe went to Gibraltar Airport, where the runway shares space with one of the region’s busiest roads. With commercial flights landing daily, it takes some planning to avert accidents on Winston Churchill Avenue. Railway-style boom gates stop cars crossing whenever planes are near. It sounds hectic, but none of Gibraltar Airport’s accidents have ever involved other vehicles.

    But conspiracy theorists think something was amiss when a plane crashed into the sea 16 seconds after take-off in 1943. Reports say the controls jammed, but with Poland’s Lieutenant General Wladyslaw Sikorski aboard, foul play may have been to blame.

    Most of the world’s airports have comfortable, flat runways, but the sloped landing strip at France’s Courchevel Airport dares to be different. Designers could do little else as Courchevel is built into the side of the Alps, but the unconventional layout is also pretty clever. The uphill slope naturally slows the planes arriving. Departing planes use the downhill slope to gain extra momentum for take-off.

    Space is hard to come by in Japan, so the creators of Kansai International Airport in Osaka came up with a strange solution. If there was no room on land, they’d build it in the water! In 1987 engineers began building an island from excavated mountains in Osaka Bay. Finally in 2004, the airport opened its doors. If its quirky location wasn’t enough, Kansai International Airport also boasts the world’s longest passenger terminal which measures 1.1 miles from end to end.

    Tee Off at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok

     The 600,000 golfers that visit Thailand annually can polish their games at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport. There’s an 18-hole golf course smack dab in the middle of its runways! Administrators have been advised to trim the green to clear space for taxiways and other infrastructure, but they’ve remained firm. There’s a certain amount of history to consider, as the golf course was built decades ago for the Royal Thai Air Force, but it’s likely to be Thailand’s passion for the game that keeps the green in this strange space.

  • Top Ways To Secure Your Virtual Meetings

    With the current lockdown in effect, we are all here with attending virtual meetings and learning more about technology and how Data Room works and much more. Considering this, we are here with the top ways that you can adopt in order to secure your virtual meetings and make them more effective. 

    1. You should start by choosing the best possible software that is secure and provides you with all the features and options that you need for a successful meeting. This way you will be able to communicate with your fellow colleagues in an efficient manner.
      Here, you need to test out the software before you finalize anything so that you are well aware of all the pros and cons of it. 
    2. As most of the online video conferencing tools that are there in the market do not possess end-to-end encryption technology, it is really important for you to only share a limited and non-sensitive content via the video conferencing platform. If it is really important for you to share some sensitive information you may some other platforms or share it before the meeting so that everyone attending the meeting already has access to that data.
      Additionally, you should avoid using public networks as they have really weak security firewalls that increase the risk of data theft. 
    3. With tons of applications that are installed on our devices, it is vital that you are aware of their background processes and to what extent they can collect data. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you have a completely secure device without any fishy apps. 
    4. Lastly, as you choose any software for video conferencing, investing in the proper training of all your team members is a great idea. This way everyone on the team will be aware of their roles and the meeting will go really smoothly. 

    These are the 4 easy and basic things that you need to keep in your mind as you look for a secure way of virtual meetings.

  • Know About That How Old Thanos In Marvel Comics At The Eternal!

    The role of thanos is super interesting to watch because being a super villain, several time this American character also shown mercy in avengers and marvel comics. The character of thanos has been seen by doing all the negative and brutal activities but still this character has shown mercy. Somehow that it is the reason that the audience is been approached and obsessed with the character of super villain “thanos”. To know more about this, you can also go for the Top 15 Best Thanos Quotes

    In both the comic as well as in the movies, the character of thanos is considered as an ultimate villan such that to know about how old thanos were go through the information which is listed in the lower section as:

    • Thanos was 1,000 years old in avengers end games as well as in the comic series of marvel. Nonetheless, creating and forming this character was a way difficult task because it should be perfect enough to obsessed and attracts the audience. Also, it is difficult to determine the character of thanos because he was brutal but shown mercy too in a same time. 
    • The character of thanos were fascinated towards death as well as killing other people. Such that he killed his own mother when he was ten years old. The character of thanos is considered with all the super villain and unwilling activities that later he committees other murders and kill a lot of people. He killed almost all the entire universe and amassing brutal activities. 

    The above listed are the information regrading thanos and his age in marvel comics at the eternal so that an individual will get to know about its age and all other super villain activities. 


  • The Lisa Hanna Bikini Debate – A Social Media/PR Perspective

    As a person with experience in social media and public relations, the Lisa Hanna situation definitely caught my attention. Prior to the bikini photo that has gotten the attention of the mainstream media, I was quite uncomfortable with the direction in which the minister chose to take her Instagram profile. The latest discussion, however, has led me to develop a different, more complex opinion on the matter, as follows:

    There is nothing wrong with Lisa Hanna posting a picture of herself in a bikini on the beach on her personal profile, even if she is a Minister of the country. However, Miss Hanna must bear in mind the pictures she posts will contribute to the public’s perception of her and perpetuate her image as a ‘beauty queen’, rather than someone who is capable of managing her Youth and Culture portfolio effectively, which is especially crucial in a time when her work is under a lot of scrutiny.

    Of course, her reputation as an impressively beautiful woman is possibly what got her elected in the first place, so one could say her strategy is simply giving the people what they want, to secure her votes come the next election. The picture in question, after all, isn’t an isolated incident. She has shared several Instagram photos showing off her fashion and body, including one in a carnival costume showing off a lot more skin that the bikini photo. These have been some of the most liked photos on her profile, so it may just be working to her advantage to perpetuate the present image.

    Now, if you’re still here, let’s break down some of the other viewpoints that have been shared online.

    The proponents of the bikini photo seem to be quite shallow-minded. So far they have offered very little defence besides ‘so what, body good, body hot’ and ‘should she wear a burka?’ They emphatically state that she is at the beach. When you go to the beach, you wear a bathing suit. When you go to the beach with a body like Lisa Hanna’s, your bathing suit of choice is a bikini. White t-shirt that clings to your every curve: optional.

    This would have been a solid argument had we been debating whether or not Lisa Hanna can pull off a bikini, but we’re not. People are not saying she looks terrible in a bikini, the concern is whether the beach picture should have been posted in a public forum at all.

    I suspect that, had she been wearing a full one-piece bathing suit while dripping wet, it would also be up for discussion. If the picture were kept in her personal archives, however, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    The only solid argument in defence of the bikini I’ve heard from one person is echoed in my own sentiments on the matter. Many Jamaicans who voted Lisa Hanna into power did so because of her public image: the devastatingly gorgeous, but approachable, charming beauty queen. Her Instagram profile is simply a reflection of this image, and that photo fits right in.

    Persons fueling the argument are mostly acting on precedence – they are simply not used to seeing politicians behave a certain way because traditional society demands a certain image.

    I’m not sure who dictates what appropriate behaviour is for a minister, but I don’t see a Minister of Culture enjoying, what is considered, a national pastime among Jamaicans inappropriate. Had anyone bothered to read the caption, they would have also noticed that she used the picture to discuss her involvement in the Reggae Marathon, a Jamaican cultural event. She has simply taken a different, more appealing angle to get the attention of potential viewers, and it worked. (One could argue though, that if the message being sent isn’t received, it’s flawed communication.)

    To the persons concerned about the ‘myc’ addition to her Instagram name, and arguing that it should be removed to define it as a personal account, I’m sorry to say that ‘lisahanna’ has already been claimed on Instagram, and I suspect this is the ‘myc’ was added in the first place. It’s pretty clear, though, that this is her personal account, but that she uses it to share her daily activities, which include those of a political nature. Her content is balanced enough to maintain the association with public office, so there’s no need to set up a private personal profile either.

    Overall, we should all prepare for change. The new age of social media and hyper-connectivity offers us a more in-depth look into the lives of politicians. The President of the United States is hitting his dougie while the First Lady is using the latest pop and rap music in her national development programs.

    We shouldn’t be surprised to see that these politicians have a ‘human side’ and we mustn’t shame them into returning into the shell from whence they came. It’s actually great that they can ditch the stuffy, high-brow campaigns and develop strategies that are relatable to the everyday man. As long as they are not crossing ethical or moral boundaries (see Anthony Weiner) or being utterly and stupidly offensive (see Dr. Dayton Campbell), I say let them breathe. At the end of the day, however, it’s important to distinguish between someone you like because they look great and someone who is doing great work. Vote accordingly. For more information, check this site: https://www.smm-world.com/buy-instagram-followers. This site will give you more ideas on how you can grow you social media following. Hence, you can easily be updated with the current events in the world including global debate.

  • George Social Media

    Many of you will not know that the creators of Google, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, originally planned for the company to be called ‘BackRub’. It is hard to imagine asking one another to ‘BackRub’ what the movie times are tonight, or to ‘BackRub’ a local Chinese restaurant. However it is not hard to imagine asking one another to ‘Google’ something, because that is what we do in the 21st century. On the 6th of July 2006, Google became a recognised verb and having your brand used as a verb is much like a marketers Shangri-La. This shows the immeasurable success Google has had since its launch on the 4th of September 1998. I know this statement is big, but Google has, undeniably in my opinion, had a dramatic impact on the workings of the world.

    I am too young to remember life before Google. Since using the internet I have used Google religiously to find whatever it may be I am looking for on the web. Although I know there are other search engines out there to use, I have not once felt the urge to use one of them, and the weirdest thing is that I have no idea why. It just wouldn’t be right to not use Google. Nevertheless, before either Google or I were alive and kicking on the internet, the web was awash with search engines all competing to be the number one. In 1994 Yahoo was launched, though this was more of a directory than a search engine. AltaVista rose to prominence in the early 90’s, though their search engine returned almost too many results, leaving the user with hundreds of irrelevant results that were time consuming to filter through. Then in 1998 Google launched its first homepage and the World Wide Web would never be the same. Its sleek design was an instant hit and Google’s daily searches shot from 10,000 a day in 1998, to 500,000 a day in 1999. Since then the growth has been astronomical and although Google doesn’t share its daily search numbers as openly anymore, estimates say Google processes up to one billion searches per day. Another way to gauge the growth is that in 1998 Google had 26 million indexed webpages.

    This number is now above 1 trillion. It has got to the point for me personally where I will use Google to get to a website even when I know the web address. With more and more people setting Google as their home page on the internet, there is less incentive to type in a full URL when you can type one or two keywords into the search bar and have your website up in seconds. This has become second nature to a lot of internet users and Google plays such a pivotal role in near enough anything we do on the web, that I think we almost take Google for granted.

    Now no one would commit the mistake of taking Google for granted but given the increasing number of platforms, it looks like people are willing to take the risk despite Google being the SEO giant that is way ahead of others but people with little knowledge are more interested to know Where’s the best place to buy youtube views for cheap just for the sake of revenue.

    Google’s reach is extending into every corner of the web and giving the online user a chance to use a Google product in most online activities. Whether it is searching, web browsing, emailing, video sharing, news, shopping or social networking, Google has a powerful presence in all of these areas. The internet is now a necessity for a majority of people in their daily lives and with Google being pivotal in near enough all of these online activities, people rely on Google to go about a successful day. I use Google Chrome, I use Google+, I use Google maps, I use YouTube and I use Gmail. My day revolves around being on the internet and I’d certainly be lost without Google.

    Google has used its profits to purchase Picasa, YouTube, start-up Gmail, develop the android and even launch Google Earth – giving the user a chance to literally see almost anywhere in the world. If giving a human being with an internet connection the ability to visually see a place on earth and then allowing them to share that image within minutes isn’t changing the world in some way, then I think we have the bar set a little too high. It’s weird to think Google is only 13 when it seems such an established company that we can’t remember being without. I’m confident over the next decade Google with continue to surpass expectations and deliver more products and services that will revolutionise our now online planet.

  • Avoid The Common Mistakes And Set Up A Facebook Business Page Properly

    In my experience, many small business owners, community groups and small projects make genuine attempts at setting up their social media platforms, making a few common mistakes. Facebook is usually everyone’s go-to when it comes to taking a business social, so I would like to share with you these frequent errors so that you can avoid making them yourself.

    Setting up a business page as a person, rather than a page.

    This, unfortunately, I see all the time. There are many reasons why this isn’t the way to go- the first being that you are limited to only having 5000 friends, as opposed to an unlimited number of followers. The second reason is that you then would need to go through and accept all of those friend requests individually- but that is only if your page is actually being found, which might prove difficult without being able to advertise or boost your page. You see with a ‘human’ account, it is impossible to grow your page through promoting it to a wider audience, as well as having the option to “boost” your posts to capture more interactions. The Best place to buy real YouTube subscribers fast & safe should be selected with the intelligence and excellence of the people. The engagement of the audience is required to be large for increasing the sale of the products. The promotion of the brand is done with the right approach and strategy to get the desired results. 

    Not sizing your cover and profile images as required

    If you are not familiar with re sizing photos this one has probably been very frustrating. Facebook has image size requirements, and if the files that you upload do not meet these, they will be compressed for you, often leaving you with a blurry logo or cover image.

    To avoid this, ensure that they meet the following criteria:

    COVER IMAGE: 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels high, and under 100KB, saved in .png format.

    LOGO/PROFILE IMAGE: 180 pixels x 180 pixels, saved in .png format. As Facebook will re size this to 160 pixels, ensure that there is a border around your logo of 5 pixels so that you do not loose any of your image. If you aren’t getting great results with that size, try 320 x 320 pixels, the result may be sharper for you.

    Doing the hard sell- over and over

    If someone has Liked your page, it means that they are interested in your brand, your product, or what you do. By this time you have their attention, so using Facebook to sell to your audience is not the way to go. Instead, use Facebook (and Instagram, if applicable) to focus on the activity behind the scenes. Take followers on a journey through your photo shoots, into your office, down for coffee- introduce them to your team and really show who you are and what your business stands for. The sales will come, because followers will begin to connect to and love your brand for what it is, and in turn they will want to support it.

    Of course share with them upcoming events, sales and new arrivals- this will keep them in the loop and feeling informed when it comes to your brand.

    Being repetitive and not creative with posts

    Facebook users will often complain about loads of advertising, boring posts and the insignificant content that can sometimes appear in their feed. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative with what you post and I always recommend using images (be sure that you own the rights to them, or you are using your own). We are all very visual beings and breaking up text with an eye-capturing image relating to your post will be sure to grab their attention.

  • How to find Hot Selling Cash Generating Niches

    Fact: More and more internet marketers are finding profitable niches and make massive income when they find one.

    Problem: Plenty of people end up grabbing all of the profitable niches and end up competing against one another, causing EVERYONE to lose out on potential profits against the marketers who found the niche first.

    There are tons of guides on the Internet that show you how to locate a profitable niche, however, when you finally find one, it’s over saturated and completely filled with competition!

    Orange icon 10k followers notification. Followers insta. Social media. Flat design

    While I was searching for profitable niches, I would end up in all of the over popular ones, not being able to make any type of profit whatsoever. I spent more money than I made. I continued listening to “guru’s” that told me to get into whatever niche, but I still failed miserably to the point where I felt like giving up . So I decided to change my thinking and think out of the box and came up with my own methods on how to find profitable niches which worked and consistently work because less than 1% of internet marketers are doing what I am about to show you and that’s where this guide comes in…

    This a straight to the point, no fluff, step by step easy to read guide will help you learn how to think outside of the box and find profitable niches to market in. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find gold mines that nobody has touched yet! Are you Trying to find the best way to buy Instagram followers? Expert assistance will offer a plenty of benefits to the people. The purchase is done with the allotment of the right time and effort at the place. The market is checked to get the right likes on posts. 

    “So How Much Is Hot Niche Finding Formula Worth To You?”

    Look at it this way. How frustrated do you get when you are looking up niches and when you think you’ve finally found “The One”, it ends up either being over saturated or non profitable? I know, right? trust me, I’ve been through this time after time to the point where I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. But now I’m here to help you find the right path to finding a profitable niche!

    So please continue to scroll down and secure your copy today before a) the price rises, or b) I remove this guide altogether and bundle into a more expensive training course!

    So take action and act now and don’t put this off any longer. Because to put it bluntly: you are not the only person reading this opportunity. Your “would-be” competitors are reading it too. And you know the problem with saturated competition? You just wished you’d act sooner.

    I am glad I read your eBook before starting my marketing. Congratulations on an excellent product. Very concise and filled with lots of valuable info. I like the fact that the information is fast and easy to read which is what I always expect from an eBook. It makes sense to provide to a niche market. The person that has made the effort to go the extra mile to provide me with the best possible info about the product that I am looking for usually has me buying from them. So I agree with you when your eBook explains that “people don’t buy a service or product, they buy a solution to solve a problem or achieve a goal.” Looking forward to having you guide me through my opt-in pages..

    Congratulations on another captivating read, in ‘Hungry Buyers Niche Guide’. One phrase stuck out for me, as I read your book: “People don’t buy a service, they buy a solution”. As a solo professional, I too am constantly being challenged to focus on my ‘ main assets’, in order to being a master of one or two; not a jack of all! This book provides me with the essential knowledge and tools to help me to find and become attracted / magnetised to and by my niche! I am now a solution to others needs!! Once again, thank you Kevin! Trevor Minto – Director of trevoraminto.co.uk and winner of BBC Songs of Praise 2013

  • 4 Blogger Outreach Tools That Make Life Easier

    Companies often struggle in getting coverage for their service and products mainly due to limited budget which is why you can click here to Buy Instagram story views for stories & video views for video at affordable prices. These companies often don’t have a marketing and PR department to handle press releases and outreach to journalists and bloggers. However, there are some startups for startups that aim to help companies to make the outreach much easier and budget-friendly.

    1. Pitchpigeon – Formerly Peterpings, it’s a news-site pinging service that delivers your pitch about your app to the world’s best-known tech blogs and tech journalists — and gives you the tools to monitor your progress. Pricing starts at $49 per pitch.

    By setting up an account, you can then let Pitchpigeon “talk directly” to iTunes App Store and Google Play to pull data and pre-fill your launch email, ready for you to tweak and send. The service also allows you to keep track of which among the Publishers on its network list have viewed your message. Tech blogs and media sites in the US, UK, and the Asia Pacific that are included in their publisher’s list are Mashable, BusinessInsider, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Wired, Gizmodo, Kotaku, VentureBeat, TheNextWeb, SGE, BusinessHackers, and 200+ publishers.

    1. PressPass.me – A new website that serves as a directory of journalists and media professionals who are active on Twitter in North America, the UK, Canada, and Ireland. Essentially it’s like a much cleaner and organized version of a Twitter list of journalists and editors and makes it easy to see track what journalists on Twitter are sharing and show you what they’re reading, how they rank compared to others, the topics they care about and who gets their attention. Free.

    The lists are categorized by Journalists, Beat (Topics), Media Outlet, and Region. Some of the top media sites included are The New York Times, CNN, Time, ESPN, TechCrunch, CBS News, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, ABC News, and several others.

    1. BuzzStream – Helps generate the buzz or word-of-mouth-marketing campaigns by identifying the blogs and influencers in a specific topic and effectively manage relationships with these influencers through link building and social media. It enables the users to do link prospecting, reporting, and tracking and even save templates that you’ve previously used. The link building plan starts at $29 / month.
    2. Inkybee – A simple and easy way to reach out to bloggers. It helps set up campaigns and lists based on keywords, research influencers, track relationships and interactions, and measure success.

    It’s perhaps the most simple and undoubtedly smarter way to manage blogger outreach. 30 days of a free trial. You may click here to start your free trial.

  • Save Money on Car Loans – Check the basics!!

    Are you one of those who are finding ways to save money on cars? There is good news, now you can upgrade your older one to a new model. There are various ways of saving money on car loans. Lenders are always competing in the market to approve more and more loans and to convince people for having a new model car.

    If you have decided to buy a new one, the next question is how you are going to pay for it. Like most of the people, if you don’t have the cash then the only option left is to borrow the money. But, before borrowing, you should consider certain guidelines that are helpful in saving money on car loans. There are different deals like thoughtful planning; comparison shopping and persistence which are considered best one in saving money on car loans.

    You may get low interest rate for sure based on your good credit rating. There are some basic principles applied on such dealings like if you have a long list of huge purchases on credit bills like payment for a new house or maintenance then, is likely to be charged with high interest rate.

    Good credit rating is often considered the best way of saving money on car loans. You should avoid late payments to keep your credit score well. The debts should also be paid on time before applying for car loans. While lending loan, they ask you to list down the financial institutions which you have accounts with and it is always good to show some savings. Thus, the credit score is going to dictate your interest rate on car loans. While applying for loan at promogreenloansvip2, all the information should be gathered through the person. Before the signup for the loan, the hidden costs should be in the notice of the person. The amount of savings should be adequate to meet with the requirements of the people.  

    Another way is to have a down-payment of a sizable amount or trade-in. Low interest rate is going to charge if fewer amounts are borrowed. To avoid the hassle, it is better to pre-approve the finance needed for the car loans.

    Standard variable rate loans are directly proportionate to official interest rate set by RBA and are lower than fixed variable rate. If official interest rate is high, so does the rate of standard variable loan. There are many factors which should be considered by the first time home buyers. The type of property you are going to buy is directly concerned with your financial resources. There are many options available to you but, the final decision always rest with the individual.

    There are many financial institutions in the market that are there for the purpose of lending. Obviously they are in the business of making profit. Credit unions, banks and other traditional lenders can be used for car financing. The final decision should be made by comparing the interest rates of these financial institutions.

    Car dealers are always delighted to arrange a car loan for you. First choose a test drive of a vehicle you want and then decide on. Select a dealer of good reputation and he is also going to tell you how to save money on the car loans.

  • Things To Consider When Buying Perfumes For Women!!!

    Gifting perfumes is one of the finest gifts that looks classic, and every time person will use perfume will remember you.  Women are highly inclined towards perfumes and fragrances, as it is a turn-on and style statement.

    People make a prevalent mistake by choosing for wrong perfume due to missing on some primary attributes. If you plan to gift your lady, girlfriend, sister, mother, or any dear one’s perfume, you must practice these things.

    Things to consider when buying perfumes!!

    Know your taste:

    perfumes are used for pleasant fragrances, but it is necessary to consider for taste. Perfumes no longer limited to taste but now used for reinforcing personality. You can be picky regarding perfumes for bossy, charismatic, mischievous, playful, and other attributes where you can rejoice your fragrance.

    Consider for ingredients:

    it is great to understand the ingredients of perfume whichever you are buying. When buying perfumes, ingredients of it would decide whether it would be pricey or cheap perfumes. High-quality perfumes can be obtained at higher prices only. Ensure that the ingredients of perfume are good to go for your preference to wear it more often.

    Where you apply perfume:

    choosing perfumes also depend upon the spot where you spray the eclatant on.  Some consider wearing perfumes on clothes so that it can stick for longer. Also, spots like wrists, neck, or trunk of the body can be impactful places, so you need to pick the perfume on that basis only.

    These are primary things to consider when buying perfumes for yourself or gifting others to enhance your simple outfits to classic and making personality more attractive.  Sticking to these points can help with the pick of optimal perfumes. We hope you find the details stated above helpful for picking the right perfume.

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